Antenna WIFI Repeater 2000mW

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Full power, easy installation and operation; Strengthen radio signal to Increase the effective range and coverage area for Wi-Fi communication; Save wiring costs, easily build a wireless infrastructure for home or business use; Make broadband wireless application in possible coverage Maximum output power of 2500mW by the Booster. The input power range for this model is 0~20dBm, around 10~13dBm is the best. Too low input power, the output power of booster will be low or does not work, if too high(near to 20dBm or up), the booster just as a connection device, does not work, but will weak the signal because of signal attenuation. SH-2500 SUNHANS WiFi BOOSTER is an indoor solution 2.5 W bi-direction Booster designed for 2.4GHz wireless LANs. This unit comes with an easy plug-and-play installation,
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